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Terry Flettrich Rohe was born in Omsk, Russia, on August 30, 1917, in the middle of the Russian Revolution. Her father, Jacov Brick, was a pharmacist and her mother a dentist. Her family moved to China in 1920, living for a short time in Tientsin, and then going further to Shanghai. Her father worked for the Soviet Consulate in the trade mission and her mother opened a dental practice in downtown Shanghai. In 1927 he opened an import-export office on the Bund. He served as President of the Jewish Club. Her mother was a director of the Shanghai Hebrew Relief Society and Shelter House, which aided many refugees from the Nazis. Her parents flew out of Shanghai just before the Communists took over in 1949 and moved to Marseilles, then to Rio de Janeiro, and finally to the US.

Rohe attended the Thomas Hambry School for Women, and then the Shanghai American School. After attending the University of Shanghai, she took a fellowship to Linfield College in Oregon in 1937, and then did post-graduate work at Columbia University. She has had a long and distinguished career in television and film. At the time of the interview, Terry Rohe lived in Maine.