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Ray and Hildy Danforth both graduated from Bates College: Ray in 1966 and Hildy in 1967. In 1973, Ray took work as a researcher at the pulp mill in Berlin, New Hampshire. Two years later, Ray began working for the environmental manager of the mill and then replaced him as the Environmental Director shortly after. Ray is now retired and consults on environmental issues part-time. Hildy is a manager in Agriculture, Forestry & Agribusiness.

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This interview covers Ray’s career at the paper pulp mill in Berlin: interviewing for a research position, becoming environmental director, and his various duties and projects; environmental issues on the Androscoggin: low dissolved oxygen, deforestation, Gulf Island Pond’s dead zone, turbidity, foam, sulfur, dioxin, and mill-related spills; environmental interventions: waste water treatment plants, the National Forest designation, Dr. Lawrence’s equalizing chemical dumping, the Gulf Island Pond Oxygenation Project, smoke stack scrubbers, the decline of the mills, and landfill development; Berlin area’s economy: industrial innovation, decline, real estate, future development issues, and the outflow of young people; ways of remembering Berlin before the decline; federal and state environmental regulations; environmental politics; environmental awareness; relating to the river meaningfully: recreating and the community of those in the river’s valley; and the impact of new prisons on Berlin’s citizens.

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