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Asian Studies


I have delved into the world of Chinese gay activists and filmmakers with the hope of showing how these media products have created, revolutionized and rebuilt the public and positive reception of gays in China. Currently, the research questions I use to guide my research include both production and consumption views of the gay rights movement through government legislation, media (film and TV), and public perception. Specifically, I wanted to understand how has the media reflected Chinese society’s state-defined views and its popular views about homosexuality? How has Chinese society perceived media representations of homosexuality? How has public perception and media representation of homosexuality evolved since its connection to mental illness was cut in 2001? How does the government’s “closed-door” discussions filter out into society and alter public opinion of homosexuals? Grappling with and developing clear answers to these questions will give a clear picture of the movement’s representation and its perception among Chinese viewers. With these answers, it will help to answer how have Chinese millennials perceived the representation of homosexuality in gay films and television changed in recent years?

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Faries, Nathan

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