Submissions from 2019


Crop advisers as conservation intermediaries: Perceptions and policy implications for relying on nontraditional partners to increase U.S. farmers’ adoption of soil and water conservation practices, Francis R. Eanes and et al.


Trouble with Sense of Place in Working Landscapes, Weston Eaton, Francis R. Eanes, and et al.


Understanding Barriers and Opportunities for Adoption of Conservation Practices on Rented Farmland in the US, Pranay Ranjan, Francis R. Eanes, and et. al.

Submissions from 2018

Turning the Soil: Cultivating our Gardens in the Time of Trouble (Ruminations on Doctor Zhivago), Jane T. Costlow

Wayfinding, map-making and the holy springs of the Orel region, Jane T. Costlow


Participatory mobile- and web-based tools for eliciting landscape knowledge and perspectives: introducing and evaluating the Wisconsin geotools project, Francis R. Eanes, Janet M. Silbernagel, David A. Hart, Patrick Robinson, and Max Axler


Effects of scale and the biophysical environment on sense of place in northeastern Wisconsin's bioregions, Francis R. Eanes, Janet M. Silbernagel, and Patrick Robinson


Effect of Monetary Incentives on Mail Survey Response Rates for Midwestern Farmers, Zoe E. Glas, Francis R. Eanes, and et. al.


Assessing Conservation Adoption Decision Criteria Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process: Case Studies from Three Midwestern Watersheds, Ajay S. Singh, Francis R. Eanes, and Linda S. Prokopy

Submissions from 2017


Community Engagement through an Environmental Studies Lens, Jane T. Costlow


Russian Realisms: Literature and Painting, 1840-1890 by Molly Brunson, Jane T. Costlow


Saginaw Bay Regional Conservation Partnership Program Social Science Evaluation: Year 1 Summary Report, Francis R. Eanes, Brian R. Bulla, Pranay Ranjan, and Linda S. Prokopy


Agriculture, water & conservation in the Saginaw Bay Watershed: Results from a social science evaluation of the agricultural and conservation community, Francis R. Eanes and Linda S. Prokopy


Midwestern US Farmers Perceive Crop Advisers as Conduits of Information on Agricultural Conservation Practices, Francis R. Eanes, Ajay S. Singh, Brian R. Bulla, Pranay Ranjan, Linda S. Prokopy, Mary Fales, and Benjamin Wickerham

Submissions from 2016


Parched: Water and its Absence in the Films of Larisa Shepit’ko, Jane Costlow


Introduction, Jane Costlow and Arja Rosenholm


The Dissident History of Trees: Russians Defend Their Woodlands, Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 2015


Icons, eclipses and stepping off the train: Vladimir Korolenko and the Ocherk, Jane T. Costlow


Cyanobacteria as biological drivers of Lake Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycling, Kathryn L. Cottingham, Holly A. Ewing, Meredith L. Greer, Cayelan C. Carey, and Kathleen C. Weathers

Submissions from 2014


Spatial and Temporal Variability in Recruitment of the Cyanobacterium Gloeotrichia echinulata in an Oligotrophic Lake, Cayelan C. Carey, Kathleen C. Weathers, Holly A. Ewing, Meredith L. Greer, and Kathryn L. Cottingham

A Nation Astray: Nomadism and National Identity in Russian Literature by Ingrid Kleespies, Jane T. Costlow


Russian Spring: Holy-Water Ecumenism, Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 2013


Icons, Landscape and the Boundaries of Good and Evil: Larisa Shepitko’s The Ascent (1977), Jane T. Costlow


Song of the Forest: Russian Forestry and Stalinist Environmentalism, 1905–1953 by Stephen Brain, Jane T. Costlow


Collaborative Understanding of Cyanobacteria in Lake Ecosystems, Meredith L. Greer, Holly A. Ewing, Kathryn L. Cottingham, and Kathleen C. Weathers

Submissions from 2011


Lydia, My Love, Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 2010

"For the Bear to Come to Your Threshold": Human-Bear Encounters in Late Imperial Russian Writing, Jane Costlow


Introduction, Jane Costlow and Amy Nelson

Slavic Sins of the Flesh: Food, Sex, and Carnal Appetite in Nineteenth-Century Russian Fiction. Becoming Modern: New Nineteenth-Century Studies by Ronald D. LeBlanc, Jane T. Costlow

Virginia Woolf and the Russian Point of View by Roberta Rubenstein, Jane T. Costlow

Vladimir Korolenko (1890), Svetloyar: In a Wild and Holy Place, Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 2009

Who Holds the Axe? Violence and Peasants in Nineteenth-Century Russian Depictions of the Forest, Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 2008

Landscapes of Girlhood: Forest Space in A Russian Childhood and The Tragic Menagerie, Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 2007

Pure, Strong and Sexless. The Peasant Woman’s Body and Gleb Uspenskii by Henrietta Mondry, Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 2006

Forests, Peasants, and Revolutionaries: Forest Conservation and Organization in Soviet Russia, 1917-1929 by Brian Bonhomme, Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 2005


Dmitrii Kaigorodov and the Ethics of Attentiveness: Knowledge, Love and Care for Rodnaia Priroda, Jane T. Costlow


Introduction, Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 2004

“Lidiia Dmitrievna Zinov'eva-Annibal", Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 2003

Imaginations of Destruction: The "Forest Question" in Nineteenth-Century Russian Culture, Jane T. Costlow

The Mushroom That Stands at the Steps to Our World Irina Polianskaia and the Languages of Nature, Jane T. Costlow

This Meager Nature: Landscape and National Identity in Imperial Russia by Christopher Ely, Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 2002

Compassion and the Hero: Women in A Hero of Our Time, Jane T. Costlow

Elena Gan, Society's Judgment, Jane T. Costlow

Lidiia Avilova, On the Road, Jane T. Costlow

Representing the Marginal Woman in Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature: Personalism, Feminism, and Polyphony by Svetlana Slavskaya Grenier, Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 2001


Eros and Pornography in Russian Culture by Marcus C. Levitt and Andrei L. Toporkov, Jane T. Costlow

Making War, Not Love: Gender and Sexuality in Russian Humor by Emil A. Draitser, Jane T. Costlow

“Marko Vovchok (1833-1907)”, Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 2000

Marina Tsvetaeva, excerpts from “Mother and Music", Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 1999

Goncharov's Oblomov: A Critical Companion by Galya Diment, Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 1998

“Fathers and Children”, Jane T. Costlow

Gender and Russian Literature: New Perspectives by Rosalind Marsh, Jane T. Costlow

“Lydia Zinovieva-Annibal”, Jane T. Costlow

"Lydia Zinovieva-Annibal", Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 1997

The Gallop, the Wolf, the Caress: Eros and Nature in The Tragic Menagerie, Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 1996


Abusing the Erotic: Women in Turgenev's 'First Love', Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 1995

Boris Eikhenbaum: Voices of a Russian Formalist by Carol Any, Jane T. Costlow

Dostoevsky and the Woman Question, by Nina Pelikan Straus, Jane T. Costlow


Love, Attachment and the 'Objects of our Regard': Ivan Turgenev's 'The Meeting' and Alexandra Markelova's 'In the Work Corner', Jane T. Costlow


'Oo-la-la' and 'No-no-no': Odintsova as Woman Alone in Fathers and Children, Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 1994

Love, Work and the Woman Question in Nineteenth Century Russian Women's Writing, Jane T. Costlow

"Marko Vovchok" and "Anna Barykova", Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 1993

The Pastoral Source: Representations of the Maternal Breast in Nineteenth Century Russia, Jane T. Costlow


Introduction, Jane T. Costlow, Stephanie Sandler, and Judith Vowles

Submissions from 1991

Dido, Turgenev and the Journey toward Bedlam, Jane T. Costlow

Speaking the Sorrow of Women: Turgenev's "Neschastnaia" and Evgeniia Tur's "Antonina", Jane T. Costlow

Books from 1990

Worlds within Worlds: The Novels of Ivan Turgenev, Jane Costlow

Submissions from 1988

Dacha Na Petergofskoi Doroge. Edited by V. Uchenova. Moscow: Sovremennik, 1986, Jane T. Costlow

Submissions from 1984

The Death of Rhetoric in Rudin, Jane T. Costlow