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Environmental Studies


The goal of this project was to research and propose a summer day camp at the Bates College Shortridge Property in Phippsburg, Maine. Bates College owns this large property, and there is very little programming to bring the Bates and Phippsburg communities together. This thesis examines the benefits of experiential, outdoor, adventure and environmental pedagogies. The thesis dives into the benefits of these educational models and the benefits students can experience from spending time out of doors. The thesis also evaluates the importance of these benefits. The research then looks at different models of nature-camps, nature based schools, and nature based curriculum to gain a sense of the types of programs already available. The goal of this research is to evaluate positive attributes of these programs and interesting models in order to inform the proposed summer day camp at Shortridge. The final piece of this thesis is the camp proposal that takes the benefits of the aforementioned educational pedagogies and looks at the models of similar programs to develop a camp that focuses on bringing the Phippsburg and Bates communities together, while also instilling a long-lasting care for the natural world that is long-lasting in these elementary aged students.

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William Wallace

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Bachelor of Arts

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