What is The History and Future of Electric Vehicles:Globalization, Benign Competition, and Green Technology as the Key For Our Common Well-beings

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Many people would associate the concept of electric vehicle with other high-tech inventions such as smart phones or laptops that were introduced to the public in the past decade or two. However, the very first electric vehicle, invented by Thomas Parker, started operating on the roads of London in 1884 . By then, there were no such a thing called combustion engine vehicle on the continent of Europe, or the rest of the world. Two years later, famed founder of Mercedes-Benz, Karl Benz, finally brought the first gasoline car to his German customers. Electric cars in 1880s suffered from the same shortcomings as Tesla did in the early 21st century, which were finite travel distance and limited charging infrastructure. However, with the emergence of high capacity battery and sufficient charging station around the nation, more American customers, for example, choose to switch their travel style to a much more eco-friendly one.

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