RenoRide? The Biggest Little Bike-Share in the World

Department or Program

Environmental Studies


This project builds thematically upon previous work done in the semester that looked at personal experiences with various bike-shares. Transitioning from that, this project pivots from looking at what has "already been done," to what "could be" by imagining what a bike share program could/couldn't look like in Reno, NV. An overview of global bike-shares is given, and the issue is then explored in the context of Reno by discussing the city's bikeability, its experience with former bike-share programs, an interview with the city's sustainability manager on the issue, and a discussion of survey results that were given to Reno residents about bikeshares.

Level of Access

Restricted: Embargoed [Open Access After Expiration]

First Advisor

Tyler Harper

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Bachelor of Arts