Submissions from 2020


Emergence of oscillations in a simple epidemic model with demographic data, Meredith Greer, Raj Saha, Alex Gogliettino, Chialin Yu, and Kyle Zollo-Venecek

Submissions from 2019


Bedrock Geology of the Mt. Crescent, NH 7.5' Quadrangle, J. Dykstra Eusden, Thorn K. Merrill, and Kurt A. Niiler


The Geologic History of Weeks State Park, J. Dykstra Eusden and Woodrow B. Thompson


Viscosity of melts in the NaAlSiO4-KAlSiO4-SiO2 system: Configurational entropy modelling, Geneviève Robert, Rebecca A. Smith, and Alan G. Whittington


Postglacial relative sea level change and glacier activity in the early and late Holocene: Wahlenbergfjorden, Nordaustlandet, Svalbard, Anders Schomacker, Wesley R. Farnsworth, Ólafur Ingólfsson, Lis Allaart, Lena Håkansson, Michael Retelle, Marie-Louise Siggaard-Andersen, Niels Jákup Korsgaard, Alexandra Rouillard, and Sofia E. Kjellman

Paired bulk organic and individual amino acid δ 15 N analyses of bivalve shell periostracum: A paleoceanographic proxy for water source variability and nitrogen cycling processes, Nina M. Whitney, Beverly Johnson, Philip Dostie, Katherine Luzier, and Alan D. Wanamaker

Submissions from 2018


Bedrock Geology of the Gilead Quadrangle, Maine, J. Dykstra Eusden, Saebyul C. Choe, Erik James Divan, Riley Eusden, Sula Q. Watermulder, and Audrey Wheatcroft

Svalbard glaciers re-advanced during the Pleistocene–Holocene transition, Wesley R. Farnsworth, Ólafur Ingólfsson, Michael Retelle, Lis Allaart, Lena M. Håkansson, and Anders Schomacker

Climate Regulation: Salt Marshes and Blue Carbon, Beverly J. Johnson, Catherine E. Lovelock, and Dorothée Herr


Wolfe Creek Crater: A continuous sediment fill in the Australian Arid Zone records changes in monsoon strength through the Late Quaternary, Gifford H. Miller, John W. Magee, Marilyn L. Fogel, Matthew J. Wooller, Paul P. Hesse, Nigel A. Spooner, Beverly J. Johnson, and Lynley Wallis


Global-change effects on early-stage decomposition processes in tidal wetlands-implications from a global survey using standardized litter, Peter Mueller, Lisa M. Schile-Beers, Thomas J. Mozdzer, Gail L. Chmura, Thomas Dinter, Yakov Kuzyakov, Alma V. de Groot, Peter Esselink, Christian Smit, Andrea D'Alpaos, Carles Ibáñez, Magdalena Lazarus, Urs Neumeier, Beverly Johnson, Andrew H. Baldwin, Stephanie A. Yarwood, Diana I. Montemayor, Zaichao Yang, Jihua Wu, Kai Jensen, and Stefanie Nolte

Fluvial suspended sediment yields over hours to millennia in the High Arctic at proglacial Lake Linnévatnet, Svalbard, Erik Schiefer, Darrell Kaufman, Nicholas McKay, Michael Retelle, Al Werner, and Steven R. Roof

Submissions from 2017


Bedrock Geologic Map of the Jefferson, New Hampshire 7.5' Quadrangle, NH, J. Dykstra Eusden, Ian W. Hillenbrand, Sarah Baker, and Jordan Leigh Cargill


Nontronite-bearing tubular hydrothermal deposits from a Galapagos seamount, Megan Lubetkin, Steven Carey, Katherine A. Kelley, Geneviève Robert, Winton Cornell, Nicole Raineault, Jacob Balcanoff, Robert D. Ballard, and Pelayo Salinas-de-León


The viscosity of low-SiO2 mixed Na-K aluminosilicate melts, with and without fluorine, Geneviève Robert, Madeline Bruno, Olin Carty, Rebecca Anne Smith, Paige Guevarra, and Alan Whittington


Fluorine and the viscosity of jadeite-leucite and nepheline-kalsilite melts at atmospheric pressure, Geneviève Robert, Madeline Bruno, Olin Carty, Rebecca Anne Smith, and Alan Whittington

Diets and Stable Isotope Derived Food Web Structure of Fishes from the Inshore Gulf of Maine, Theodore V. Willis, Karen A. Wilson, and Beverly J. Johnson

Submissions from 2016


Bedrock geology of Small Point, Maine: A fresh look at the stratigraphy, structure, and metamorphism, J. Dykstra Eusden, Heather A. Doolittle, Tim Grover, and Jennifer A. Lindelof

Over 400 previously undocumented Svalbard surge-type glaciers identified, Wesley R. Farnsworth, Ólafur Ingólfsson, Michael Retelle, and Anders Schomacker

Transport properties of glassy and molten lavas as a function of temperature and composition, Anne M. Hofmeister, Alexander Sehlke, Geoffroy Avard, Anthony J. Bollasina, Geneviève Robert, and Alan G. Whittington


The ecogeomorphology of two salt marshes in midcoast Maine: Natural history and human impacts, Beverly J. Johnson, Curtis Bohlen, Cailene M. Gunn, and Erin Beirne

Linking large-scale climate variability with Arctica islandica shell growth and geochemistry in northern Norway, Madelyn J. Mette, Alan D. Wanamaker Jr., Michael L. Carroll, William G. Ambrose Jr., and Michael Retelle


Contributions of organic and inorganic matter to sediment volume and accretion in tidal wetlands at steady state, James T. Morris, Donald C. Barber, John C. Callaway, Randy Chambers, Scott C. Hagen, Charles S. Hopkinson, Beverly J. Johnson, Patrick Megonigal, Scott C. Neubauer, Tiffany Troxler, and Cathleen Wigand


Late Wisconsinan Glacial and Marine Geology and Early Postglacial Geomorphic Evolution of the Lower Androscoggin Valley and Casco Bay Lowland, Michael Retelle, Thomas K. Weddle, and Sydney Eckert

Submissions from 2015


Bedrock Geologic map of the Mount Dartmouth 7.5’ Quadrangle, New Hampshire, J. Dykstra Eusden, Michelle Devoe, Graham Grear Oxman, and Sarah Mei Xiao


Macroalgal detritus and food-web subsidies along an Arctic fjord depth-gradient, Paul E. Renaud, Therese S. Løkken, Lis L. Jørgensen, Jørgen Berge, and Beverly J. Johnson


Heat capacity and viscosity of basaltic melts with H2O ± F ± CO2, Geneviève Robert, Jaayke L. Knipping, Stefanie Scherbarth, Timothy E. Robertson, André Stechern, Harald Behrens, and Alan G. Whittington

Submissions from 2014

Bivalve growth rate and isotopic variability across the Barents Sea Polar Front, Michael L Carroll, William G Ambrose, William L. Locke, Stuart K. Ryan, and Beverly J. Johnson

Using stable isotope analysis to validate effective trophic levels from Ecopath models of areas closed and open to shrimp trawling in Core Sound, NC, USA, Rebecca A. Deehr, Joseph J. Luczkovich, Kevin J. Hart, Lisa M. Clough, Beverly J. Johnson, and Jeffrey C. Johnson


Geology of the upper Androscoggin River region, Bethel, Maine, to Shelburne, New Hampshire, J. Dykstra Eusden, Woodrow Thompson, and Kitty Breskin


Conceptualizing the Project and Developing a Field Measurement Plan, James Fourqurean, Beverly J. Johnson, J Boone Kauffman, and Hilary Kennedy


Field Sampling of Soil Carbon Pools in Coastal Ecosystems, James Fourqurean, Beverly J. Johnson, J Boone Kauffman, Hilary Kennedy, and Catherine Lovelock


Field Sampling of Vegetated Carbon Pools in Coastal Ecosystems, James Fourqurean, Beverly J. Johnson, J Boone Kauffman, Hilary Kennedy, Catherine Lovelock, and Neil Saintilan

10Be surface exposure ages on the late-Pleistocene and Holocene history of Linnébreen on Svalbard, M. Reusche, Kelsey Winsor, Anders E. Carlson, Shaun A. Marcott, Dylan H. Rood, Anthony Novak, Steven Roof, Michael Retelle, Alan Werner, Marc Caffee, and Peter U. Clark

Submissions from 2013


The Geology of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, J. Dykstra Eusden, Woodrow Thompson, Brian K. Fowler, P. Thompson Davis, Wallace A. Bothner, Richard A. Boisvert, and John W. Creasy

Palaeontology: Extinction promoted fire, Beverly J. Johnson

Submissions from 2012

Mild Little Ice Age and unprecedented recent warmth in an 1800 year lake sediment record from Svalbard, William J. D'Andrea, David A. Vaillencourt, Nicholas L. Balascio, Al Werner, Steven R. Roof, Michael Retelle, and Raymond S. Bradley

Google Earth mashup of the geology in the Presidential Range, New Hampshire: Linking real and virtual field trips for an introductory geology class, J. Dykstra Eusden, Mathieu Duvall, and Marita Bryant

Apatite fission-track evidence for the Cretaceous development of kilometer-scale relief and steady-state Tertiary topography in New England, J. Dykstra Eusden, Mary K. Roden-Tice, and Robert P. Wintsch

The Dillon and Acheron sinistral faults, Marlborough Fault System, New Zealand: field studies and mechanical modelling, J. Dykstra Eusden, P Upton, N Eichelberger, and Jarg R. Pettinga


The Alpine Zone & Glacial Cirques of Mt. Washington & the Northern Presidential Range, New Hampshire, Brian K. Fowler, P. Thompson Davis, Woodrow B. Thompson, J. Dykstra Eusden, and Ian T. Dulin

Submissions from 2011

A new method to reconstruct fish diet and movement patterns from δ13C values in otolith amino acids, Kelton W McMahon, Marilyn L Fogel, Beverly J. Johnson, Leah A. Houghton, and Simon R. Thorrold

Books from 2010


The Presidential Range: Its Geologic and Tectonic History, J. Dykstra Eusden

Submissions from 2009

Bivalves as indicators of environmental variation and potential anthropogenic impacts in the southern Barents Sea., Michael L Carroll, Beverly J. Johnson, Gregory A Henkes, Kelton W McMahon, Andrey Voronkov, William G Ambrose, and Stanislav G Denisenko


The ordovician to carboniferous bedrock geology and cooling history of the Bronson Hill and Central Maine Belts, Presidential Range, New Hampshire, J. Dykstra Eusden, Maura Foley, and Mary K. Roden-Tice

Submissions from 2008


Possible prehistoric fishing effects on coastal marine food webs in the gulf of maine, Bruce J. Bourque, Beverly J. Johnson, and Robert S. Steneck


Surficial geology of the Worthley Pond quadrangle Maine, J. Dykstra Eusden and Woodrow Thompson

Limnological and sedimentary processes at Sawtooth Lake, Canadian High Arctic, and their influence on varve formation, P. Francus, R. S. Bradley, T. Lewis, M. Abbot, Michael Retelle, and J. S. Stoner


Spatial and seasonal variations in the pelagic–benthic coupling of the southeastern Beaufort Sea revealed by sedimentary biomarkers, Nathalie Morata, Paul E. Renaud, Sonia Brugel, Keith A. Hobson, and Beverly J. Johnson

Submissions from 2007


The Little Ice Age: Blowing Sand and a Lost Township, G. Bigelow, M. Jones, and Michael Retelle


Runoff treatment with aspen wood, Thomas B. Boving, Joshua Klement, Bethany Thienel, and Beverly J. Johnson

Middle to late Holocene fluctuations of C3 and C4 vegetation in a Northern New England Salt Marsh, Sprague Marsh, Phippsburg Maine, Beverly J. Johnson, Karen A. Moore, Charlotte Lehmann, Curtis Bohlen, and Thomas A. Brown

Submissions from 2006


Domes, volcanics, refolded folds and granites: A transect from the Bronson Hill arc into the Central Maine cover, Northern Presidential Range, New Hampshire, J. Dykstra Eusden, Krista Anderson, Emma Beaudry, Matt Dupee, Rebecca Larkin, Jesse Minor, and Doug Welling


Benthic community response to ice algae and phytoplankton in Ny Ålesund, Svalbard, Kelton W. McMahon, William G. Ambrose, Beverly J. Johnson, Ming-Yi Sun, Glenn R. Lopez, Lisa M. Clough, and Michael L. Carroll

Submissions from 2005

Structural collapse of a transpressive hanging-wall fault wedge, Charwell region of the Hope Fault, South Island, New Zealand, J. Dykstra Eusden, Jarg R. Pettinga, and Jocelyn Campbell


Structural geomorphology and paleoseismicity of the Hope Fault, J. Dykstra Eusden, Jarg R. Pettinga, and Rob Langridge

Carbon isotope evidence for an abrupt reduction in grasses coincident with European settlement of Lake Eyre, South Australia, Beverly J. Johnson, Gifford H. Miller, John W. Magee, Michael K. Gagan, Marilyn L. Fogel, and Paul D. Quay

Diet and movement of the killifish, Fundulus heteroclitus, in a Maine salt marsh assessed using gut contents and stable isotope analyses, Kelton W. McMahon, Beverly J. Johnson, and William G. Ambrose

Ecosystem collapse in Pleistocene Australia and a human role in megafaunal extinction., Gifford H Miller, Marilyn L Fogel, John W Magee, Michael K Gagan, Simon J Clarke, and Beverly J. Johnson

Stable isotope characteristics across narrow savanna/woodland ecotones in Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater, Western Australia., Matthew J Wooller, Beverly J. Johnson, Andrew Wilkie, and Marilyn L Fogel

Submissions from 2001


The Notches: Bedrock and Surficial Geology of New Hampshire's White Mountains, Tim Allen, John W. Creasy, P. Thompson Davis, J. Dykstra Eusden, Brian K. Fowler, and Woodrow Thompson

Deglaciation and relative sea-level chronology, Casco Bay Lowland and lower Androscoggin River valley, Maine, Michael Retelle and T. K. Weddle

Deglacial history and relative sea-level changes, northern New England and adjacent Canada, T. K. Weddle and Michael Retelle

Submissions from 2000

Hydrological and meteorological observations at Lake Tuborg, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada, C. Braun, D. R. Hardy, R. S. Bradley, and Michael Retelle


Streamflow and suspended sediment transfer to Lake Sophia, Cornwallis Island, Nunavut, Canada, C. Braun, D. R. Hardy, R. S. Bradley, and Michael Retelle


Timing of the Acadian Orogeny in northern New Hampshire, J. Dykstra Eusden, Chris A. Guzofski, Alexander C. Robinson, and Robert D. Tucker

Structural evolution and landscape development of a collapsed transpressive duplex on the Hope Fault, North Canterbury, J. Dykstra Eusden, Jarg R. Pettinga, and Jocelyn Campbell

Submissions from 1999


Surface Geology of the Yarmouth Quadrangle, Cumberland County, Maine, Michael Retelle


Surficial Geology of the Cumberland Center Quadrangle, Cumberland County, Maine, Michael Retelle

Submissions from 1998

A 3-D gravity model of the southern contact of the Sebago pluton, Maine, J. Dykstra Eusden, Mark D. Behn, and Notte A. John

Submissions from 1997

Arctic environmental change of the last four centuries, J. Overpeck, K. Hughen, D. Hardy, R. Bradley, R. Case, M. Douglas, B. Finney, K. Gajewski, G. Jacoby, A. Jennings, S. Lamoureux, A. Lasca, G. MacDonald, J. Moore, Michael Retelle, S. Smith, A. Wolfe, and G. Zielinski


Surficial Geology of the Raymond Quadrangle, Maine, Michael Retelle

Submissions from 1996

The Taconite Inlet Lakes Project: A systems approach to paleoclimatic reconstruction, R. S. Bradley, Michael Retelle, S. D. Ludlam, D. R. Hardy, B. Zolitschka, S. F. Lamoureux, and M. S.V. Douglas


Bedrock geology of the Presidential Range, New Hampshire, J. Dykstra Eusden, Andrew deGarmo, Peter Friedman, John M. Garesche, Adam Gaynor, Jennifer Granducci, Aaron H. Johnson, Jenna-Marie Maconochie, Steven P. Peters, Jonathan B. O'Brien, and Beth L. Widmann

Stratigraphy, and ductile structure of the Presidential Range, N. H.: Tectonic implications for the Acadian orogeny, J. Dykstra Eusden, John M. Garesche, Aaron H. Johnson, Jenna-Marie Maconochie, Steven P. Peters, Jonathan B. O'Brien, and Beth L. Widmann

Suspended sediment transport and deposition in a high arctic meromictic lake, Michael Retelle and J. K. Child

Submissions from 1995


Glacial Geology of the Portland-Sebago Lake area, W. B. Thompson, C. Hildreth, R. Johnston, and Michael Retelle


Glaciomarine deposits of the late Wisconsinan Casco Bay Sublobe of the Laurentide Ice Sheet, T. K. Weddle and Michael Retelle

Submissions from 1993

review of "Ice Age Earth: Late Quaternary Geology and Climatology" by Alastair M. Dawson, Michael Retelle

Submissions from 1991


Surficial Geology of the Old Orchard Beach Quadrangle, Cumberland and York Counties, Maine, Michael Retelle

Submissions from 1989


Glacialmarine facies relations in the lower Androscoggin Valley, southwest Maine, Michael Retelle and Katherine M. Bither

Submissions from 1988


Relative sea level chronology determined from raised marine sediments and coastal isolation basins, northeastern Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada, Michael Retelle, R.S. Bradley, and R Stuckenrath

Submissions from 1986

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Coastal Lacustrine Basins, Northeastern Ellesmere Island, N. W. T., Michael Retelle


Late Quaternary stratigraphy of the lower Androscoggin Valley, southern Maine, Michael Retelle and K. Bither

Glacial geology and Quaternary marine stratigraphy of the Robeson Channel area, northeastern Ellesmere Island, Northwest Territories, Michael J. Retelle

Submissions from 1982


Sedimentation in a proglacial lake: Glacial Lake Hitchcock, G. M. Ashley, G. Thomas, Michael Retelle, and J. H. Hartshorn