Submissions from 2019

Shell potentials for microgravity Bose-Einstein condensates, Nathan Lundblad, R. A. Carollo, C. Lannert, M. J. Gold, X. Jiang, D. Paseltiner, N. Sergay, and D. C. Aveline


Repeated Measurements with Minimally Destructive Partial-Transfer Absorption Imaging, E. Marshall Seroka, A. Valdés Curiel, D. Trypogeorgos, Nathan Lundblad, and I. B. Spielman

Submissions from 2018

Designer atom arrays for quantum computing, Nathan Lundblad


Synthetic clock transitions via continuous dynamical decoupling, D. Trypogeorgos, A. Valdés-Curiel, Nathan Lundblad, and I. B. Spielman

Submissions from 2015


Modeling Pitch Trajectories in Fastpitch Softball, Jean M. Clark, Meredith L. Greer, and Mark D. Semon

Submissions from 2014


Observations of λ/4 structure in a low-loss radio-frequency-dressed optical lattice, Nathan Lundblad, S. Ansari, Y. Guo, and E. Moan