Jackson Valen

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Asian Studies


This paper will focus on one of the more understated yet significant initiatives that has coincided with the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation: the modernization of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), in a campaign which has been named the 强军 梦, or the Strong Military Dream. My argument is that the CCP is undergoing a massive military modernization effort whereby tooling the PLA with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence will provide the hard power necessary to enforce China’s grand, revisionist ambitions. Additionally, I argue that having a military capable of projecting power that deters and is capable of fighting and winning, will both provide China with the cover it needs to rejuvenate and also cement China’s transitioning status of an emerging or regional power to that of a global superpower, and the preeminent power in the Indo-Pacific region. Finally, with respect to the fact that the CCP has entrusted the PLA to provide teeth to China’s national rejuvenation, this paper will examine the evolving nature of how China’s leaders have used the PLA to achieve their goals.

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