Submissions from 2005


Introduction, Jane T. Costlow


National Parliaments in the European Union: Are There Any Benefits to Integration?, Francesco Duina and Michael J. Oliver

Structural collapse of a transpressive hanging-wall fault wedge, Charwell region of the Hope Fault, South Island, New Zealand, J. Dykstra Eusden, Jarg R. Pettinga, and Jocelyn Campbell


Structural geomorphology and paleoseismicity of the Hope Fault, J. Dykstra Eusden, Jarg R. Pettinga, and Rob Langridge

Carbon isotope evidence for an abrupt reduction in grasses coincident with European settlement of Lake Eyre, South Australia, Beverly J. Johnson, Gifford H. Miller, John W. Magee, Michael K. Gagan, Marilyn L. Fogel, and Paul D. Quay

Diet and movement of the killifish, Fundulus heteroclitus, in a Maine salt marsh assessed using gut contents and stable isotope analyses, Kelton W. McMahon, Beverly J. Johnson, and William G. Ambrose

Ecosystem collapse in Pleistocene Australia and a human role in megafaunal extinction., Gifford H Miller, Marilyn L Fogel, John W Magee, Michael K Gagan, Simon J Clarke, and Beverly J. Johnson

Stable isotope characteristics across narrow savanna/woodland ecotones in Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater, Western Australia., Matthew J Wooller, Beverly J. Johnson, Andrew Wilkie, and Marilyn L Fogel

Submissions from 2004

“Lidiia Dmitrievna Zinov'eva-Annibal", Jane T. Costlow


National Legislatures in Common Markets: Autonomy in the European Union and Mercosur, Francesco Duina


Regional market building as a social process: An analysis of cognitive strategies in NAFTA, the European Union and Mercosur, Francesco Duina


Smoke in your eyes: The struggle over tobacco control in the European Union, Francesco Duina and Paulette Kurzer

Submissions from 2003


Determining If Two Solid Ellipsoids Intersect, Salvatore Alfano and Meredith L. Greer

Imaginations of Destruction: The "Forest Question" in Nineteenth-Century Russian Culture, Jane T. Costlow

The Mushroom That Stands at the Steps to Our World Irina Polianskaia and the Languages of Nature, Jane T. Costlow

This Meager Nature: Landscape and National Identity in Imperial Russia by Christopher Ely, Jane T. Costlow

Afterward, Loring M. Danforth

Alexander the Great and the Macedonian Conflict, Loring M. Danforth

"We crossed a lot of borders" refugee children of the greek civil war, Loring M. Danforth

Submissions from 2002


Determining If Two Ellipsoids Share the Same Volume, Salvatore Alfano and Meredith L. Greer

Compassion and the Hero: Women in A Hero of Our Time, Jane T. Costlow

Elena Gan, Society's Judgment, Jane T. Costlow

Lidiia Avilova, On the Road, Jane T. Costlow

Representing the Marginal Woman in Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature: Personalism, Feminism, and Polyphony by Svetlana Slavskaya Grenier, Jane T. Costlow


Constructing common cultures: The ontological and normative dimensions of law in the european union and mercosur, Francesco Duina and Nathan Breznau

Submissions from 2001


The Notches: Bedrock and Surficial Geology of New Hampshire's White Mountains, Tim Allen, John W. Creasy, P. Thompson Davis, J. Dykstra Eusden, Brian K. Fowler, and Woodrow Thompson


Eros and Pornography in Russian Culture by Marcus C. Levitt and Andrei L. Toporkov, Jane T. Costlow

Making War, Not Love: Gender and Sexuality in Russian Humor by Emil A. Draitser, Jane T. Costlow

“Marko Vovchok (1833-1907)”, Jane T. Costlow

Is the "world game" an "ethnic game" or an "Aussie game"? Narrating the nation in Australian soccer, Loring M. Danforth

“We Are Macedonians! We are Not Greeks!” The Macedonian Minority of Northern Greece., Loring M. Danforth

Deglaciation and relative sea-level chronology, Casco Bay Lowland and lower Androscoggin River valley, Maine, Michael Retelle and T. K. Weddle

Deglacial history and relative sea-level changes, northern New England and adjacent Canada, T. K. Weddle and Michael Retelle

Submissions from 2000

Hydrological and meteorological observations at Lake Tuborg, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada, C. Braun, D. R. Hardy, R. S. Bradley, and Michael Retelle


Streamflow and suspended sediment transfer to Lake Sophia, Cornwallis Island, Nunavut, Canada, C. Braun, D. R. Hardy, R. S. Bradley, and Michael Retelle

Marina Tsvetaeva, excerpts from “Mother and Music", Jane T. Costlow

Ecclesiastical Nationalism and the Macedonian Question in the Australian Diaspora, Loring M. Danforth

How Can a Woman Give Birth to One Greek and One Macedonian? The Construction of National Identity among Immigrants to Australia from Northern Greece, Loring M. Danforth


Timing of the Acadian Orogeny in northern New Hampshire, J. Dykstra Eusden, Chris A. Guzofski, Alexander C. Robinson, and Robert D. Tucker

Structural evolution and landscape development of a collapsed transpressive duplex on the Hope Fault, North Canterbury, J. Dykstra Eusden, Jarg R. Pettinga, and Jocelyn Campbell

Submissions from 1999

Goncharov's Oblomov: A Critical Companion by Galya Diment, Jane T. Costlow


Surface Geology of the Yarmouth Quadrangle, Cumberland County, Maine, Michael Retelle


Surficial Geology of the Cumberland Center Quadrangle, Cumberland County, Maine, Michael Retelle

Submissions from 1998

“Fathers and Children”, Jane T. Costlow

Gender and Russian Literature: New Perspectives by Rosalind Marsh, Jane T. Costlow

“Lydia Zinovieva-Annibal”, Jane T. Costlow

"Lydia Zinovieva-Annibal", Jane T. Costlow

An Ethnographer’s Lament, Loring M. Danforth

A 3-D gravity model of the southern contact of the Sebago pluton, Maine, J. Dykstra Eusden, Mark D. Behn, and Notte A. John

Submissions from 1997

The Gallop, the Wolf, the Caress: Eros and Nature in The Tragic Menagerie, Jane T. Costlow

The Macedonian Conflict: Ethnic Nationalism in a Transnational World, Loring M. Danforth

Arctic environmental change of the last four centuries, J. Overpeck, K. Hughen, D. Hardy, R. Bradley, R. Case, M. Douglas, B. Finney, K. Gajewski, G. Jacoby, A. Jennings, S. Lamoureux, A. Lasca, G. MacDonald, J. Moore, Michael Retelle, S. Smith, A. Wolfe, and G. Zielinski


Surficial Geology of the Raymond Quadrangle, Maine, Michael Retelle

Submissions from 1996

The Taconite Inlet Lakes Project: A systems approach to paleoclimatic reconstruction, R. S. Bradley, Michael Retelle, S. D. Ludlam, D. R. Hardy, B. Zolitschka, S. F. Lamoureux, and M. S.V. Douglas


Abusing the Erotic: Women in Turgenev's 'First Love', Jane T. Costlow


Bedrock geology of the Presidential Range, New Hampshire, J. Dykstra Eusden, Andrew deGarmo, Peter Friedman, John M. Garesche, Adam Gaynor, Jennifer Granducci, Aaron H. Johnson, Jenna-Marie Maconochie, Steven P. Peters, Jonathan B. O'Brien, and Beth L. Widmann

Stratigraphy, and ductile structure of the Presidential Range, N. H.: Tectonic implications for the Acadian orogeny, J. Dykstra Eusden, John M. Garesche, Aaron H. Johnson, Jenna-Marie Maconochie, Steven P. Peters, Jonathan B. O'Brien, and Beth L. Widmann

Suspended sediment transport and deposition in a high arctic meromictic lake, Michael Retelle and J. K. Child

Submissions from 1995

Boris Eikhenbaum: Voices of a Russian Formalist by Carol Any, Jane T. Costlow

Dostoevsky and the Woman Question, by Nina Pelikan Straus, Jane T. Costlow


Love, Attachment and the 'Objects of our Regard': Ivan Turgenev's 'The Meeting' and Alexandra Markelova's 'In the Work Corner', Jane T. Costlow


'Oo-la-la' and 'No-no-no': Odintsova as Woman Alone in Fathers and Children, Jane T. Costlow


Nationalism in Eastern Europe: Nations, States, and Minorities, Loring M. Danforth


The Macedonian Minority of Northern Greece, Loring M. Danforth

Transnational Influences on National Conflict: The Macedonian Question, Loring M. Danforth


Glacial Geology of the Portland-Sebago Lake area, W. B. Thompson, C. Hildreth, R. Johnston, and Michael Retelle


Glaciomarine deposits of the late Wisconsinan Casco Bay Sublobe of the Laurentide Ice Sheet, T. K. Weddle and Michael Retelle

Submissions from 1994

Love, Work and the Woman Question in Nineteenth Century Russian Women's Writing, Jane T. Costlow

"Marko Vovchok" and "Anna Barykova", Jane T. Costlow

National Conflict in a Transnational World: Greeks and Macedonians at the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, Loring M. Danforth


Nationalism and Pluralism in the Heart of the Balkans: The Republic of Macedonia, Loring M. Danforth

Submissions from 1993

The Pastoral Source: Representations of the Maternal Breast in Nineteenth Century Russia, Jane T. Costlow


Introduction, Jane T. Costlow, Stephanie Sandler, and Judith Vowles

Claims to Macedonian Identity: The Macedonian Question and the Breakup of Yugoslavia, Loring M. Danforth

review of "Ice Age Earth: Late Quaternary Geology and Climatology" by Alastair M. Dawson, Michael Retelle

Submissions from 1991

Dido, Turgenev and the Journey toward Bedlam, Jane T. Costlow

Speaking the Sorrow of Women: Turgenev's "Neschastnaia" and Evgeniia Tur's "Antonina", Jane T. Costlow

The resolution of conflict through song in greek ritual therapy, Loring M. Danforth


Surficial Geology of the Old Orchard Beach Quadrangle, Cumberland and York Counties, Maine, Michael Retelle

Books from 1990

Worlds within Worlds: The Novels of Ivan Turgenev, Jane Costlow

Firewalking and Religious Healing: The Anastenaria of Greece and the American Firewalking Movement, Loring M. Danforth

Submissions from 1989


Glacialmarine facies relations in the lower Androscoggin Valley, southwest Maine, Michael Retelle and Katherine M. Bither

Submissions from 1988

Dacha Na Petergofskoi Doroge. Edited by V. Uchenova. Moscow: Sovremennik, 1986, Jane T. Costlow


Relative sea level chronology determined from raised marine sediments and coastal isolation basins, northeastern Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada, Michael Retelle, R.S. Bradley, and R Stuckenrath

Submissions from 1986

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Coastal Lacustrine Basins, Northeastern Ellesmere Island, N. W. T., Michael Retelle


Late Quaternary stratigraphy of the lower Androscoggin Valley, southern Maine, Michael Retelle and K. Bither

Glacial geology and Quaternary marine stratigraphy of the Robeson Channel area, northeastern Ellesmere Island, Northwest Territories, Michael J. Retelle

Submissions from 1984

The Death of Rhetoric in Rudin, Jane T. Costlow

The Ideological Context of the Search for Continuities in Greek Culture, Loring M. Danforth

Submissions from 1983

Introduction: Symbolic Aspects of Male/Female Relations in Greece, Loring M. Danforth

Power Through Submission in the Anastenaria, Loring M. Danforth

The Death Rituals of Rural Greece, Loring M. Danforth


Tradition and Change in Greek Shadow Theater, Loring M. Danforth

Submissions from 1982


Sedimentation in a proglacial lake: Glacial Lake Hitchcock, G. M. Ashley, G. Thomas, Michael Retelle, and J. H. Hartshorn

Submissions from 1980


Comment on McNeill's The Metamorphosis of Greece Since World War II, Loring M. Danforth

Submissions from 1979

The rôle of dance in the ritual therapy of the Anastenaria, Loring M. Danforth

Submissions from 1978

Die Anastenariden, Loring M. Danforth

Submissions from 1976

Humour and status reversal in Greek shadow theatre, Loring M. Danforth